What is Fastepic.eu

3 min readOct 26, 2020


Hi community!

I saw lately many confusion about Fastepic.eu team and their FEPIC token, so I decided to create an explanation to clear the whole thing and describe what FEPIC is, and what is not. First I recommend to read Image attached to this post, it will briefly explain what is Fastepic team and their FEPIC token, with short comparison to official EPIC token.

FEPIC on Etherscan.io0xeefB1D06d28286216E5d7068f9Ef21e01F4DD793

FEPIC — ETH on Uniswap: — 0xbffddac07b60e9b564b93cf1f92b4734275f5377

FEPIC <-> EPIC Conversion: https://fastepic.eu/conversion.html

After reading you still may have some question like:

- Why the hell we need different tokens, why Robert and Fastepic team will not just join official dev team and create with them?

Simple answer is — because they can :).

Epic-Cash blockchain and ecosystem is open for everyone, and everyone can contribute in any possible way — not only with open source and free software — like on Bitcoin and other open blockchains we can create all kinds of services and projects. Fastepic provides robust solutions that need servers, hosting’s, time and work of other people, and they charge small fees for that. Actually vast majority of their services are completely free, and GUI wallet source code is now open!

- Wallets are online is that secure?

Not your keys — not your coins… We all know that, yet most of us is using custodial wallets, centralized exchanges and so on. It’s just easy, fast, convenient, and for many purposes secure enough if we trust a 3rd party like exchange or Fastepic in this case. It’s personal choice, as always due diligence is the key!

- Number of FEPIC = real EPICs locked on account, how can i check this?

Everyone can track number of emitted FEPIC tokens with holders, transactions etc here: https://etherscan.io/token/0xeefB1D06d28286216E5d7068f9Ef21e01F4DD793#balances

Of course characteristic of MW technology wont allows us check Epic-Cash account of Fastepic team, that’s why they will make public transactions on their account to show that every FEPIC token indeed is represented by real EPIC coin. It will be accessible through website and on Keybase.io

- Yeah Keybase, what’s about this complicated looking messenger? Telegram is not enough?

Well, no.. :D Keybase is much more than messenger, it’s end-to-end truly secure protocol to transfer data between users. Every account it’s like mini-blockchain, with all changes registered and saved together, which makes it unique. There is so many cool privacy and encryption features that i just simply won’t go to details in here, strongly recommend to read https://keybase.io/

This tool is special enough, that Grin developers already built in support for it, so everyone can use it out of box. Imagine sending Epics without opening ports, directly in messenger window to anyone, or via encrypted file transactions.. Oh wait, there is no place for imagination — it’s real and it’s here!

- Ok, ok but Fastepic website and Keybase doesn’t look good and simple…

Yeah, as we — Epic-Cash project — are young and developing, everything needs polishing and simpler, more user friendly interface. The good news infrastructure is already here, it’s tested and it’s working! Fastepic are working hard to develop solutions for all Epic-Cash users, but they are focused on back-end — technical and security aspects. I believe they are open to co-op with someone who can create design improvements and help with spreading awareness of our project among non-tech users demanding simple and friendly design. My plan is to help with their Epic-Cash Market to make it more user friendly and accessible through website.

- Why I’m writing this, am I member of Fastepic or have some profits?

No and no, the only reason why I’m doing this is to help community to focus on what’s really important for us. Robert with Fastepic are part of this community since very beginning, and I just wanted to clear all that confusion about what and why they doing. I’m working on my own projects (epic-ticker.tech) to help us achieving our goals, and I hope this wall-text is just another brick to make us stronger and move forward!