Epic-Cash: Easy Miner v2.0 (+)

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What is Epic-Cash: Easy Miner

Wallet + Server + Miner | all-in-one standalone GUI app accessible and friendly to everyone.

Features (v2.0):

  • Manage all software from one application
  • Auto-detect users CPU and/or GPU
  • Connects with Epic-Cash explorer
  • Built-in epic-wallet with most functionality (+)
  • Connecting to outside nodes (wallet can work without local server) (+)
  • Integrated Ngrok to solve ports and firewall problems (+)
  • Import wallet or blockchain data from existing one’s (+)
  • Manage Server database
  • Display basic node and miners information
  • This application is stand alone

Current version limitations:

  • It is very early version, use with caution
  • Works only with Windows 8/10
  • Working only with stock epic-miner (more mining software to be added)
  • Only solo mining supported (pool mining to be added)
  • No ASIC (Cuckoo) mining
  • More advanced settings like CPU cores
    are still done manually in *.toml files
  • Messy black CMD windows are still there


First time use guide (v2 update)

  1. Download and install easyminer_v2.exe file from links above.
  2. Create account and save displayed 24 word seed phrase, ideally in non-digital form i.e. write it down on piece of paper.

3. Now it is recommended to load previously saved snapshot of chain_data directory, but there is still no straightforward way to get them, I’d recommend to ask on our Telegram (we are working on official source for this). You can also just continue to synchronizing from 0 on your own, this may take up to 12 hours as of todays chain size. If you have access to valid chain_data use Restore / Upload New Database option in server settings.

4. Once you can see in one of black windows that your server is running, and Header Tip Height is same or close to blockchain height in top right corner of the app it means your node is fully synchronized with network.

5. You can mine with CPU, GPU or both of them at the same time, click Quick Mining for fast start. One or two CMD windows will spawn on your screen and you can track mining stats there (epic-miner.exe).

6. If you have used epic-wallet before you can import wallet_data directory and continue to using in in new app. In order to import existing wallet use Import Wallet option under wallet /options tab.

7. Since this is solo mining, you will see your balance changing only if you hit the block (~7.42 EPIC), then it takes 1440 blocks (~24h) to mature mined coins and make them avaliable.

8. Once your wallet will have positive balance you can withdraw your coins to your other wallet, send to exchange, or to someone else. You can use transaction file method and send file to receiver in your preferred way.

9. In order to send with HTTP/S method all you need to to do is just type amount, address and confirm with password. But if you want to receive coins this method you have to share with sender your valid HTTP/S address pointing to working listener (essentially your IP:LISTENER_PORT), this also requires to have open/forwarded ports on your machine and exceptions in system firewall.

With version 2.0 this problems is solved by using automated Ngrok addresses -it will not only make possible to reach your wallet behind closed ports and firewalls but also hide your IP address under random generated HTTPS address.

* Generating Ngrok address will popup a black window -do not close it before transaction will be received (will be fixed). When generating address for the first time it will download ngrok.exe file, it may take up to minute.


Package is using 3 components, official and latest versions of Epic-Cash software available at https://epic.tech/downloads:

  • epic-server
  • epic-wallet
  • epic-miner (CPU or GPU)

Each one of them have separate directory with configuration and log files, by default in `C:\Program Files\Epic-Cash\Easy Miner v2\epic-software\…`, there is also Log File buttons in app for convenient access. This is the place to look for errors messages or to make more advanced changes. Always turn off software before making any changes in *.toml files.

If error is not epic-software related you can access application logs in top right corner. There is also reload button you can use if app is not responding.

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